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Wellness proves an all-inclusive concept for Vizient employees

“Wellness” means different things to different people. But it proved to be a uniting force at Vizient® in 2018 with the launch of Wellness4All, one of five company Diversity Networking Associations (DNAs). Entirely employee-driven and organically created, this DNA already has the highest number of participants, largely because wellness is a concept that employees can learn and improve upon together. It creates inclusion around a topic that matters to everyone. 

DNA participants continue to expand the definition of wellness beyond the physical to include the mental state and mindfulness. And though each person begins their efforts at their own level of wellness, Wellness4All meets participants where they are, offering education to help them improve from their personal baseline — and all with no judgment.

Nowhere was that more evident than the 2018 Wellness4All Health and Wellness Fair, held in December. Approximately 500 Vizient employees connected with more than 20 local health and wellness vendors, gathered nutrition and exercise tips, and gained inspiration from one another. We look forward to the further evolution of wellness at Vizient as Wellness4All focuses on:

  • Fitness and movement
  • Food and nutrition
  • Stress management and mental health
  • Social connectivity and group challenges