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A people-focused, proactive approach to disaster response

Hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, a flu epidemic — 2018 saw it all. While health care organizations must be prepared for disaster, it’s reassuring to know that back-up is always nearby. Vizient® stands ready to be flexible and creative in meeting member needs during times of disaster — and not just after the fact.

The Vizient Disaster Response Program takes a proactive forecasting approach that drills down to the member level, reaching out to members that are potentially in a hurricane’s path, for example. “We make it personal, and we’re there in the trenches to help in whatever form it’s needed,” said Christi Guess, senior director, member input and clinical solutions for Vizient. “We have the corporate-level relationships to break down barriers and ask our industry partners and suppliers to help our members.” 

Guess recalls a long-term skilled nursing facility that urgently needed to evacuate 14 ventilated patients during a 2018 hurricane, but had nowhere to move them. “We made one phone call, and within 10 minutes, the skilled nursing facility CEO was on the phone with another CEO arranging for transport of the patients. That’s what the richness of Vizient relationships can do.”